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Combating Intersectional Anti-Fat Bias for Post-Secondary Access and Success

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  • "Combating Intersectional Anti-Fat Bias for Post-Secondary Access and Success," will equip you with the tools to dismantle bias and support fat students in their educational journey.

    Discover the deep-rooted connections between anti-fat bias and other intersecting forms of oppression. Gain insight into the impact of societal norms, implicit biases, and institutional practices on the educational experiences of fat students. Uncover the language traps and stigmatizing labels hindering higher-weight individuals from accessing the opportunities they deserve.

    Through the use of breakout rooms and virtual whiteboards, we'll guide you in identifying anti-fat bias within your institution and yourself and empower you to implement transformative strategies. Learn how to break down systemic barriers, promote equity in college advising and admissions, and cultivate a supportive environment for all students.

    Sally E. Smith, Owner, Pathways College Coaching

    Tigress Osborn, Chair, National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

    Who should attend? Secondary and ost-Secondary Counselors