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Webinar: What’s Next: Admission and advising after the SCOTUS ruling

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  • Industry experts and NACAC staff as they unpack the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion and discuss the design of admission policies moving forward. This forum will assist college counseling professionals in designing scholarships and other institutional aid that's consistent with the ruling. Participants also will gain a better understanding of how to eliminate structural barriers to equitable admission and design race-neutral strategies that achieve equitable ends.   Topics will include: Unpacking the Court’s opinion Admissions policy design Designing scholarships and other institutional aids consistent with the ruling Practices to eliminate structural barriers to equitable admissions Guidance for student advising Examining broader reverberations, including effects on secondary school policy and practice Speakers (additional speakers to be confirmed): CJ Powell, Director of Advocacy/NACAC Art Coleman, Managing Partner & Co-founder/EducationCounsel Original Date: August 30 & 31, 2023