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The Counselor’s Guide to the Student-Athlete Advising Process E-Learning Course

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  • Are you a parent or counselor of a middle or high school athlete? Be sure to sign up for NACAC’s exclusive new online course on college advising for student-athletes called “The Counselor’s Guide to the Student-Athlete Advising Process.” This two-hour course is an insider’s guide to college athletics that provides all the information you need in one convenient place. Understand the role of the NCAA and other major college athletics organizations; discover how to help your student navigate the admission, decision, and committing process; learn about key deadlines, the importance of finding the right college fit, and how to preserve your student’s eligibility. Packed with easy-to-understand information, videos, tools, and step-by-step guides, the course consists of seven online learning modules and provides 2 hours of CE credits. Site-wide licenses and bulk discounts are available by contacting