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Webinar: How to Practice Anti-racist School Counseling and College Advising

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  • In this, our second town hall, we hope to examine all forms of racism in school and college advising—some we’re aware of and others we aren’t. We’ll delve into how racism impacts our students when they begin the college admission process in high school and as they move through the pipeline to college, and explore how we can incorporate antiracist practices in our processes. Our goal, simply, is to better understand racism in the counseling and advising process and how we can help improve the quality of guidance for all our students.

    Speakers: Alicia Oglesby, director of school and college counseling, Bishop McNamara High School (MD) Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, dean and professor in the School of Education, American University (DC) Dr. Omari Scott Simmons, director of the business law program, Wake Forest University School of Law (NC)