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Webinar: Measuring the Impact of Online Yield and Melt Programs

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  • Measuring the Impact of Online Yield and Melt Programs

    Recognized by Forbes for outstanding work, Wisr responded quickly to the COVID-19 pandemic working with institutions to introduce necessary digital solutions to aid with recruitment, yield communities, and summer melt and new student onboarding programs. Managing the handoff between admissions and new student onboarding is challenging already, and like you, orientation teams are overhauling their programming rapidly with a heightened responsibility of preventing melt. Join Wisr partners as they discuss the impact of these programs, and what the next few months look like to make sure classes are filled.

    Presenters: Jessica Ricker, direction of admission, Wellesley College, and Dawn Medley, associate vice president for enrollment management, Wayne State University. Moderated by Peter Brown Wilson, director of admissions, The University of Chicago.