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Webinar: Mobile-First Strategies in a Virtual World

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  • Mobile-First Strategies in a Virtual World: Launch Meaningful Student Engagement

    Meet your students where they are - on mobile. At Full Measure, we transform critical points in the student journey by highlighting the moments that matter in a mobile-first, mobile-friendly way. We invite you to explore how our experiences drive deep levels of engagement with your prospective students. From the look on their face upon admission, to the pep in their step at graduation - we want to make sure your students are recognized at every milestone. Big or small, these moments matter. Learn why at our tech showcase session.

    Presenters: From Full Measure: Greg Davies, CEO, and Samantha Karp, director of student experiences. Nick DeFalco, director of transfer admissions, North Central College; Collin Palmer, director of admissions, University of Toledo; and Ashleigh Spatt, associate director of enrollment marketing and communication, Eastern Michigan University.