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Webinar: Online Instruction 101: Practical Tips to Deliver Your Lesson Plans Online

Date: May 6

Time: 2-3 p.m.

Cost: Free

Audience: Secondary school/college counseling professionals, postsecondary admission professionals, and independent educational consultants

Description: Schools are closed or closing, and teachers worldwide are turning to online instruction. But a digital whiteboard isn’t your classroom whiteboard. Ten green raised-hand icons isn’t ten students’ hands in the air.

The digital classroom isn’t your classroom. But it is ours, and we want to help it become just as familiar to you too, so you can stay just as impactful a teacher as ever. Learn from Revolution Prep's seven years’ experience in online instruction.


Revolution Prep’s Chief Academic Officer, Ben Neely, shares:

·        The difference between Google Hangouts, Skype, and Zoom and which is right for you.

·        How to teach effectively using online classroom features and tools.

·        How to adapt in-person lesson plans for the online space.

·        What ground rules to set for your students to make online class time more productive.


Attendees are encouraged to bring your webcam and mic if you have them to get the most value.

·        Experience a live, online class as one of your students will.

·        Discuss questions and concerns with fellow educators in small breakout groups.

·        Find the right visual and audio setup for you to be successful.


*This webinar is sponsored by Revolution Prep and is part of NACAC's Industry Insights webinar series.